• Project Management

    Project Management

  • Strategic planning

    Strategic Planning


Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning
We help corporations get insights about where they are at the present time, gather information that identifies where they should be in the future and generate the decisions that will bridge the gap. Read more...

Project Evaluation Project Evaluation
We help corporations get insights about the performance of their projects against set goals and objectives.
1. Plan (International) - Zambia
2. Zambia National Response to AIDS/HIV (ZANARA)
3. Belgium Flemish Aid Organisation (VVOB)
4. World Vision (South Africa Regional Office)
5. Zimbabwe Prevention of Maternal Mortality Project (ZPMM)
6. Lesotho Prevention of Maternal Mortality Project (LPMM)

Project Management
- We help corporations by managing projects on their behalf. We also provide project management training

Pedagogy TrainingPedagogy Training
We help corporations by providing trianing in educational skills including facilitating learning: assessment; designing, developing and evaluating courses; educational leadership and mentor-ship.

Project Evaluation Curriculum Design
We help corporations develop curricula using a comprehensive mehtodology that includes needs assessment; objectives development, and writing the whole course. Our Client-list includes:
1. Abt.Associates/HSSP for Mental Health Association of Zambia
2. Ministry of Health for 2008 Countdown Conference
3. Medical Council of Zambia
4. Project Concern International (PCI - USAID)
5. Ministry of Health (National Health Strategic Plan)
6. Zambia Association for the Prevention of Sexual Child Abuse and Neglect (ZAPSCAN).
7. Department of Economics University of Zambia
8. Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)/Open University (UK).

Research Training
We help corporations by training staff in the fundamental principles of research. We also conduct research projects for coporations.

Conference Technical Consultants & RapporteursConference Technical Consultants & Rapporteurs
We help corporations generate conference reports and conference proceedings; develop manuals and guideline books; and also review project documents by undertaking copy editing and editorial services.

Workshops and SeminarsWorkshops and Seminars
We help corporations by providing training in various fields of our expertise and also in facilitating meetings, workshops and conferences in view of our process competence. Our client list includes:
1. Diabetes Association of Zambia
2. Chainama College of Health Sciences
3. Y-A services
4. NUFU PLC II Project Research School
5. Skills Development Project - Graduate Studies (University of Zambia)

Training and FacilitationSpeaking Events
We help corporations provide value at their conferences and workshops by speaking on areas of our expertise. The public speaking on leadership have proven popular for most of our clients. Here is some of those previous engagements:
1. Invited Speaker - Applying WFME Global Standards: an overview and the
   Zambian Case study.Global Imperatives in Medical Education - A Festscrift for
   Hans Karle.
2. Invited Speaker - Zambia Medical Association Annual General Meeting June
    2009 - Motivational Speaker on Leadership.