About Us

SSB Publishing is the publishing arm of SSB & Associates and it has been publishing literature in English books by Sekelani S. Banda since 1998. The Curriculum Development Centre of the Ministry of Education has evaluated, approved and recommended three of our published books: "Half A Turn"(1999); "Dead Ends" (2000); and "The Chizongwe Ethos" (2012). The books are recommended for use in senior secondary classes (grades 10, 11, & 12) as supplementary reading for literature in English and Life Skills. "Hey Days at Medical School" (1998) was our first publication.

[NB Starlex and S&P Publishing copyrights have been transferred to SSB Publishing]

Mission and Statement

To use an integrated three-fold strategy to promote Zambian heritage through creative writing, to champion social responsibility of business enterprises to the educational sector by sponsoring books, and to provide a platform for information, education and communication (IEC) and behavioural change communications (BCC) interventions aimed at young Zambians.

A. Cultural Heritage through Creative Writing & Promoting a Reading Culture

B. Social Responsibility and Brand Value for Business Enterprises (Doing the Right Thing)

C. Information, Education, and Communication & Behavioural Change Communications (IEC & BCC)