The Chizongwe Ethos

The Chizongwe Ethos ingeniously weaves fiction short stories about experiences of pupils at Chizongwe Technical High School and draws lessons from them to present a value set that promotes effective life skills and authentic success mindsets. The concepts and values explored are fundamental life skills for coping with the demands & challenges of everyday life. The eight short stories are educative, informative, reflective, incredible, inspiring and revealing:

  • 1. The Champion Lives Within
  • 2. Have the Courage To Be Different
  • 3. No Man Is An Island
  • 4. Just be Gold – Forget Gold-plated
  • 5. To Succeed, You Must Do What it Takes
  • 6. Have a Pure Spirit
  • 7. You are the Author of Your Life – Take Responsibility
  • 8. Your Reaction to Change Determines the Outcome

The Curriculum Development Centre of the Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training of Zambia has evaluated and recommended this book for use in Zambian schools at Senior Secondary level (Grades 10-12) in the teaching of Literature in English and Life Skills Education.
   Book Launch scheduled for 14th September 2012 (Lusaka)

Book Profile
  Author: Sekelani S. Banda
  Sub-title: 8 Esseential Life Skills for Demands & Challenges
  Type: Novel
  Language: English
  Genre: Allegory/Life Skills
  Pages: 69
  Size: A5/B5
  ISBN: 978-9982-22-479-6
  Year of First Publication: 2012