Dead Ends

"Dead Ends" is a contemporary story set in the year 2000. Jack Singogo is the mastermind behind Lusaka’s crime syndicate. Money problems with the Syndicate force him to organise robberies of a number of Lusaka’s bureau de change. It is a clever and vengeful ploy against the Syndicate’s new don. The newly set up National Police Investigation Unit (NPSIU) get on his heels. In an attempt to cover up his tracks many people end up dying (Dead Ends).

Detective Chief Inspector Chabala uncovers the intricate network of organised crime and wants to clamp down on it, but many senior politicians are implicated. When he goes to a judge to have warrants signed for his arrests, he is rebuffed because of the ripples that the arrests might cause in Government and the diplomatic circles. When DCI Chabala is suspended he gets help from an unusual ally: The Honest and Patriotic Envoys Party (HOPE Party), a new political party preaching Zambian renaissance.

The English Language Book Approval Committee of the Curriculum Development Centre of the Ministry of Education of Zambia has recommended this book for use in Zambian Schools as a novel for Grades 10-12 Literature in English.
   Received international critical attention (see Ranka Primorac, "The Modern City and Citizen Efficacy in    a Zambian Novel", in African City Textualities, Routledge, 2010).

Book Profile
  Author: Sekelani S. Banda
  Sub-title: Crime, Cops & a Renaissance
  Type: Novel
  Language: English
  Genre: Thriller
  Pages: 144
  Size: A5/B5
  ISBN: 9982-838-01-6
  Year of First Publication: 2000