Half A Turn

Half A Turn chronicles the life of Menson, a first year student, at the University of Zambia. Menson faces many perturbing social, moral and academic dilemmas that confront many first-year students. He catapults from one extreme to another in search of his real identity. The search for his identity exposes him to an array of vices: nightclubs, sex workers, alcohol, delinquency and violence. Later he discovers that it may be too late to make amends for the academic pursuits, he has so disturbingly neglected. In an attempt to redeem himself he experiments with being born-again but soon discovers only a truthful reformation of his character may be the answer. “Half A Turn” with its comprehensive glossary of UNZA language of the time is essential reading for all past , present and future students of the University of Zambia and any college for that matter.

Book Profile
  Author: Sekelani S. Banda
  Sub-title: The Mayhem of University Life
  Type: Novel
  Language: English
  Genre: Drama/Life Skills
  Pages: 69
  Size: A5/B5
  ISBN: 9982-838-02-4
  Year of First Publication: 1999