Hey Days at Medical School

Every institution of learning has its self-acclaimed social heroes. “Hey Days at Medical School” a.k.a Mdala Jones is a satirical account of the life of one student popularly known as Mdala Jones. In 10 short stories it recounts, in first person, the experiences of Mwansa the closest friend to Mdala Jones.

"Hey Days at Medical School" is a witty collection of the near true events, that the social heroes of the medical school in the eighties, graced the medical school with. The short accounts are arranged to take the reader through a progressive pattern. It starts in the first year at the University of Zambia and ends in the final year at Medical School. A glossary of the lingua franca of the time is available at the back page to help the reader keep up with the language.

This a small pocket book that you can read for leisure almost anywhere. The book is readable in a car, on a bus, in between chit chats and in your quality time. Take a peek at medical school and enjoy it.

Book Profile
  Author: Sekelani S. Banda
  Sub-title: Mdala Jones
  Type: Novel
  Language: English
  Genre: Satire
  Pages: 69
  Size: A5/B5
  ISBN: 9982-838-00-8
  Year of First Publication: 1998